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Specifications «H2store-1000":

  • The purity of hydrogen, about 99.9999%
  • The capacity of hydrogen at standard conditions, l 1000
  • Weight, kg 9
  • Height 400 mm
  • Diameter, 110 mm
  • Working pressure at 20 0 C, 0.2 MPa — 0.4
  • Operating temperature 0C 10 — 50
  • The maximum flow rate of hydrogen at 20 0 C, no more than l / 15 h
  • Charging pressure 20 MPa
  • Charging time is 2 MPa and 20 0 C, 10 h
  • Number of charge cycles — Discharge 3000

Metal hydride hydrogen storage "Store-H2 1000" is intended for the storage, transportation and producing high purity hydrogen gas.
The hydrogen can be used in various technological purposes, in particular for flame ionization gas detectors, flame detectors, ionization and industrial laboratory chromatographs, as well as to provide hydrogen to other devices and systems.

The operating principle of "N2store 1000" metal hydride hydrogen battery based on the special ability of intermetallic compounds react reversibly with hydrogen, i.e. to absorb hydrogen under certain conditions to form a solid metal hydride, and if conditions change again to release hydrogen. Absorption of hydrogen is accompanied by heating of the metal hydride, while hydrogen evolution takes place with heat absorption from the environment and the cooled metal hydride.


Terms or absorption of hydrogen evolution depends on the chemical composition of the alloy, hydrogen pressure and temperature. The metal hydride hydrogen battery "N2store-1000" used alloy consisting of lanthanum, nickel, cerium pressure above that at room temperature is 0.2 — 0.4 MPa.

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