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16 november 2015 - Aledor

Gydrogenius LLC is one of the leaders in the field of development and production of innovative products for hydrogen energy. Since 2007 we have been developing effective solutions for processing, storage and compression of hydrogen as well as for safe operation of the equipment that uses hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures.

Our experience and commitment to continuous development help us to solve problems of any complexity and to obtain results that correspond to the highest international standards.










The main products of Gydrogenius are modular generators H2box for production of hydrogen/oxygen by electrolysis of distilled water. Our team has created an electrolyzer design with solid polymer electrolyte and a scheme of the electrolysis process. These developments significantly increased reliability and service life of generators, and reduced energy consumption. Modular H2box generators are applied in all industrial processes that use pure hydrogen, as well as in research and industrial laboratories for supply of gas and liquid chromatographs, gas analyzers with a flame ionization detector and fuel cells.

Hydrogen generator


In 2012, in collaboration with the Central Aerological Observatory (CAO FGBU) we developed a hydrogen generator H2box – AERO for gas supply systems to aerological stations. The hydrogen generator H2box – AERO features include unique self-containment, weight and size characteristics. Hydrogen generator H2box – AERO successfully passed long cycles of summer and winter testing at upper-air stations, and the test results obtained proved that this generator was fit for use in gas supply systems for upper-air stations (SGAS).


Hydrogen generator

H2box – AERO


Our specialists have successfully solved the problem of storing hydrogen. Metal hydride batteries H2store ensure safe and compact storage of hydrogen in a coherent form. Selective absorption of hydrogen by metal hydride allows to achieve a degree of hydrogen purity in the H2store battery as high as about 99.9999 %.

Hydrogen storage
H2store – 100



Operational safety of equipment using hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures requires special attention. It is known that hydrogen is explosive in a wide range of concentrations (4 –75% for air mixtures, 4 – 94% for pure oxygen). To increase operational safety of the equipment using hydrogen and hydrogen mixtures in case of leakage and the depressurisation, we have developed a new generation of hydrogen catalytic afterburners with long service life.


Hydrogen catalytic afterburners


Progress in manufacture of composite pressure vessels has increased the urgency of the development of reliable and efficient hydrogen compressors. The hydrogen cylinders devised can be used as a source of hydrogen in a variety of mobile applications, including special unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), working on hydrogen-air fuel cells. Gydrogenius LLC is now focusing on the development of hydrogen compression technology using metal hydrides for pressures of 350 bar and higher. The company has developed prototypes of metal hydride thermosorption hydrogen compressors with capacity up to 15 m3/h and pressures up to 150 atm., which have no analogues in the world.

Gydrogenius LLC is the official representative in Russia of CSIC Purification Equipment Research Institute (China), a manufacturer of industrial hydrogen generators with the capacity from 0.5 to 500 m3 per hour.


Gydrogenius LLC is offering its co-operation to both Russian and

foreign companies in the following areas:

  • -         Hydrogen/O2 generators
  • -         Gas supply systems for aerological stations
  • -         Metal hydride hydrogen compressors;
  • -         Hydrogen storage;
  • -         Hydrogen catalytic afterburners.


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